How we do?

Lonra’s work is always professional at every stage to create the best option for you and to offer the best service you can get.

How we do Amazing projects

Lonra’s work is always professional at every stage to create the best option for you and to offer the best service you can get. You will get fruitful results due to our expertise and experience. These are the stages of our procedures:


Analyzing the project

Firstly, the needs of the Project and the goals and expectations of your company are detected. Internet strategies bringing success in the shortest time period and with the lowest possible budget must be determined by taking the needs of your company into consideration. The goals and aims of your company must be known and market research must be done to determine these strategies. A strategy can be put forward only after a comprehensive analysis including the situation of your rivals, the expectations of your customers from you and the profile of your target group.


Planning the Process

Time management plays an important role in planning the process. Hence Lonra manages its projects within time and budget framework. We will have an uninterrupted communication system with you after agreeing on the timeline and the budget. We inform you at every stage. Lonra’s aim is to make these projects fruitful in the long term. Hence we would inform you if additional long-continued procedures are necessary.


Preparing Web Design

The way the design team works is very important at this stage. As Lonra we evaluate every step very carefully. We know that a Professional way followed through steps lead to the best result. The design team prepares a sketch on the screen. Then they transfer it from the screen to a paper and evaluate it with the Project director. Feasibility is measured and details like simplicity are analyzed and the team works carefully to get the best result possible. 


Confirming the Web Design

The plan which has been prepared by the design team and evaluated by the Project director is presented for your information after the related analyses. Your remarks, wishes and expectations are important for our company. Hence we inform you frequently. If you want to add something after reflecting on the design we evaluate your suggestion and then present it again for your information. Then the design gets its last appearance.


Infrastructure Programming

We transfer the design to the software department. The design must be programmed to be in line with all scanners, mobile devices and search engines. This is very important for Lonra at this stage. Indexing the pages to the search engine depends on how good the infrastructure is. If the infrastructure of your website is not good enough, your website can’t be found easily on search engines. Lonra works on the words searched about your website and brings your website to a perfect level.


Administration Panel Programing

After your website is prepared Lonra prepares a special administration panel to authorize you for administration.  It is possible to manage various contents via this panel. Procedures like encoding/decoding videos, picture sizing, goods-management, management of the data obtained from third party websites can be done via this panel.

Completing the Project

Lonra delivers your website after completing all the stages and making all related controls. Lonra starts with the necessary analyses fort he needs, goals and expectations of your company; customer expectations and market research then evaluates the time and budget frames, hence makes the project come to a satisfactory conclusion for you by taking your opinion into consideration at every stage. Your income will increase and the number of your customers will reach a satisfactory level for you. Working with Lonra enables you to promote your company’s name efficiently and increases the number of your customers. You will be surprised upon seeing that your rivals fall behind as your income increases. Lonra offers privileged special solutions for you.

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